Pete’s Betfair Methods – Professional Betfair Training System

Pete's Betfair Methods - Professional Betfair Training SystemCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEWe have put together a trading instructional manual for those wanting to know how to trade on Betfair. Now many people trade on Betfair without understanding the market dynamics, and subsequently fail to capitalise on what the markets really have to offer.

Think about it, the way Betfair works is by those who trade successfully being paid by those who have lost their trades.

Raid the Bookies

Raid the BookiesCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEThis former bookie is fighting back against the corrupt system and sharing all of his insider knowledge with YOU!

If you’ve been struggling with dodgy betting software or useless race tips then LOOK NO FURTHER! Having been the manager of a bookies for more than 12 years I KNOW this game better than anyone else. I know the horses, I know the jockeys and I know which races are fixed! (That’s right – some races are rigged so that the elite can get EVER RICHER!) But now, with my tips, you’ll be making HUGE SUMS OF MONEY! In fact, if you follow my instructions to the letter (and I mean TO THE LETTER) you’ll be bringing in more than £17,500 EVERY SINGLE MONTH! That’s a year’s salary – IN ONE MONTH. And all that will be yours when you place just a few bets from your home computer each morning.

The Whale Picks

The Whale PicksCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEI am one of the biggest and winningest sports bettors who have ever walked the Earth. See just one of my betting tickets below where I cashed in on well over half a million dollars on one single wager:

I was paid out $560,000.00 on this one winning ticket. This was a year where I won about $10 Million betting on sports.

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