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My name’s Eddie Newman and I’m originally from Bristol in the South West of England. If you met me back in 2011 and told me that I’d soon be earning upwards of £80,000 a year, I’d have laughed in your face! I come from a respectable, working class family. My parents never had much cash when I was growing up but we were fairly content. Dad worked long hours as a security guard, mum was a dinner lady at the local primary school and our yearly vacation was a caravan in Plymouth. As a boy there were two things I loved; learning about computers and weekend trips to the bookies with my dad and uncle Roger. I was never old enough to place a bet myself but they said I was lucky and always let me pick a horse. At the age of 18, I moved away to Southampton to study IT at university, but dad would still call me every Saturday morning to pick a ‘lucky horse’. For three years I was at the top of my class and finally I graduated with an honours degree in Information Technology. I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to land a high paying job in London at… Read more…

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