MindVerse – A new Virtual WorldCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITERemove Stress, Anxiety and Unleash Creativity with Virtual Reality Guided Meditation for Oculus Rift and Android.

The MindVerse is a completely new concept combining Virtual Reality, Neuroscience and Guided Meditation to allow users to learn to relax more deeply, remove fears, worries and anxiety and remove stress from their lives.

The exercises demonstrated have been tested by us on over three hundred separate individuals over a five year period. Typically these are expected to become effective in promoting inner calm in about 80% of people. The effect continues to get stronger and stronger over the first 15-20 repeats over about a month and are designed to be used together.

Your subscription to the MindVerse, allows you to Enter The MindVerse fully, where the magic really starts.

Throughout it is important to understand that these are mental skills that you are learning yourself , not just a passive experience and it is essential to listen and follow to get the remarkable effects.

New and deeper exercises will be released to subscribers as the MindVerse progresses and will include a range of experiences and adventures aimed at improving creativity and happiness and completely changing the hold that stress and anxiety can have.​ Read more…

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