My Lay The Draw Betfair Trading Strategy Revealed - New Product - Betfair TradingCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEWell after many years of using this strategy and adapting it for the highest possible strike rate with minimum possible risk, I have finally decided to publish my personal take on this well-known Betfair trading system.

There are literally hundreds of different ways to use the lay the draw strategy in football trading, I have seen many of them myself in use by other traders I have known. In fact I would say there are almost as many interpretations on this method as there are traders using it! I have respect for all of them (when successful obviously!) but my approach is quite different in that I avoid as much risk as possible, but capitalise hard when there is a profitable scenario on the table.

I found that I could have similar profits by doing a lot less work, which was what originally motivated me to reducing my trades. In time I found that by being ULTRA selective, only risking my money when literally everything looked as close to perfect as possible, I could reduce my workload by 70% or more, while maintaining or even increasing my level of success.

Less hours at the screen is never a bad thing as far as I am concerned. When you’re new to trading it all feels exciting and the hours fly by. But after a year or two things get more mundane and not so exciting, and this reduced level of emotion is one of the true secrets in my view, the reason why so many traders struggle when they are new to it and excited by it, only becoming profitable when they eventually calm down and treat it more like a job or a business. Mental control is everything in trading.

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