Physics Secrets: Physics SecretsCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEPictured: 1. Optimal Learning Booklet (free).  2.The Physics Secrets e-book.  3. 40+ Questions and Answers (with full solutions).

1. The Optimal Learning Booklet is for ALL academic subjects being studied (11 yrs to adult) FREE to Download near the bottom of this page.  Download NOW.  My most successful students use it for each subject.

The book, Physics Secrets, is ideal for courses in the US (grade 10 to senior), in the UK (GCSE, AS and A level), the IB, Science and Engineering University courses with a component of Physics, The Physics Olympiad and IYPT.

Also it is a book that has proven to be a great help to International (ESL) students who are going to study in an   English speaking country and want to achieve a high grade.

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Teacher of extensive experience that includes National Juror and Team Leader for  IYPT*, a State Subject Panel Member, coaching Medal winning students in International Physics Olympiads, running the Physics Department at Brisbane Grammar School and currently teaching international (ESL) students who are on the University of Queensland Foundation course.

*IYPT stands for International Young Physicists’ Tournament, which  is held in different parts of the World each year.

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I have written Physics Secrets for students (15 to 18 yrs) studying physics at school or students studying science at university.  It will greatly assist you if you are studying such a course.

Physics Secrets will make it easier for you to understand and recall the subject quickly… Read more…

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