Prenatal Strength - Stronger Mothers, Healthier Babies - PrenatalStrengthAGuideToWorkingOutWhilePregnantCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEThen look no further. Prenatal Strength will guide you throughout the questions of, "How do I workout while I’m pregnant?"

Being active during your pregnancy is key to having a healthy, energetic and successful pre- and post- pregnancy experience.

Prenatal Strength is a must have pregnancy book! It will help you navigate working out through each trimester to better your pregnancy experience. Learn what weights to use, how many reps and sets. Giving you guidelines such as cautions, heart rate monitoring and proper nutrition.

This is a great read and I have followed many of the suggestions/routines in here during my current pregnancy. I never really enjoyed any type of exercise before getting into Kettlebells and strength/conditioning training. I started Kettlebell classes about 1.5 years ago and really dove in about 9 months ago increasing my training to 3x per week. I am currently pregnant with twins but feel healthier and stronger than I did with my first singleton pregnancy. The testimonies and exercises in this book are 100% worth reading more about!

This is a great book full of incredible information that can really improve your pregnancy and postpartum recovery! I started doing kettlebell workouts about 9 months before my pregnancy and continued throughout the majority of my pregnancy. I always felt like I had s lot of energy while I was pregnant which I attribute to following the advice in this book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to stay energized both during and after pregnancy!

Jessica’s conversational and down-to-earth writing style makes this a fun read, filled with real-life stories and advice (she’s a mom to 5!). Her fitness and health expertise, combined with instructional pictures and specific exercise descriptions, will help any soon-to-be mom stay… Read more…

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