Survivor Guides - First Person Tales Of SurvivalCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEA practical and personal guide to surviving illness and injury, written from the perspective of a survivor.

In ‘Illness & Injury: 12 Things That Helped Me Survive’, Ryan McGill provides a personal account of his experiences coping with illness and injury and an insight into the 12 critical lessons and techniques that he credits with saving his life.

An excellent mental survival guide – learn the mental tricks and tools that allowed this young man to endure and overcome living with a constant headache for over 18 months.

A remarkable feat of human mental endurance, a must-read for anyone dealing with serious illness or injury

Having spent a lifetime enduring and overcoming various periods of chronic illness and injury,  it was a remarkable incident that took place in 2012 that formed the catalyst for Ryan’s personal transformation and ultimately the motivation to write this guide. Having been continually let down by the conventional medical system, Ryan felt compelled to share his experiences and the lessons and mental techniques that enabled him to cope, and to conquer, from sufferer to survivor.  Ryan’s story serves as a personal and practical guide to help all those people suffering without answers or without hope, and to hopefully make their experience a little easier. 

Title: Illness & Injury: 12 Things That Helped Me Survive Author: Ryan McGill Genre:Non-Fiction Pages:20 Formats: eBook (ePub, mobi, PDF) Language: English Publisher: Ryan McGill Date Published:1 May 2017

A first person account of survival and advice written by a survivor, not a medical professional. Ryan’s tale reveals his first hand experience coping with and overcoming illness and injury. Written by a survivor, for the benefit of other sufferers.

A detailed personal experience that has been delivered in the form of a simple step by step guide. Intended to… Read more…

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