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Warning: If you want the perfectly planned dream wedding day you have always wanted and deserve, then you NEED to watch this video right now.

"I bought the master wedding planner because I wanted to get the proper wording on invitations when my parents are divorced and one of them is dating. Not only did you answer this beautifully in your book, but I found your master wedding planning guide to be extremely helpful in planning every aspect of our wedding. What a wonderful job you have done, you have my eternal thanks for making our wedding day huge success!" — Jessica Breen, Sacremento, California

"I was incredibly stressed about our wedding because my best friend got married last year and had quite a few things go wrong. Just minor, but I wanted to avoid those things. After reading numerous wedding planning guides, I never found any that were even half as comprehensive as what I found yours to be. It is not only very clearly laid out, but answered all of my questions and I referred to it at least 100 times during the planning of my wedding. Thank you so much!" — Giovanna Fleming, Buffalo, New York

"We saved $100 on the cake alone thanks to your tips… also saved a lot of unnecessary hassles…" –Jem F

“I had dreamed about my wedding since I was a little girl. The information you gave me made my dream come true. My husband and I can’t thank you enough. My friends all wanted to know my secret… It was you!” — Abbie Swann, NY

“This is by far the best wedding planning information I’ve seen. All the problems and pitfalls I can think… Read more…

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